Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello Again

Hello my neglected Blog. I am going to make an effort to write more often and on a variety of subjects.

I read where writing helps you keep your mind young. Something about me needs to stay young. I have been worn out and feeling old lately so maybe a young mind would be a good thing. You know I turned 65 this year so since I have met that milestone, I never have to be any older until I reach 100. There is no reason to count any more birthdays as nothing happens that causes a major change after 65 then being a centrum would be neat. So since I had a big celebration this year I don't need and more celebrations for birthdays. Just don't forget Mother's Day , Valentines Day, or the Fourth of July. Halloween would be nice too, along with the major ones like Christmas and Easter.

My main interest right now has been to manage Otila's etsy shop and to help her get into some retail shops . Her Aprons are in two shops at this time.. In Irvington she has aprons for the whole family at the Black Sheep Gift Shop, and next week some select aprons will go into the Buck Creek Bed and Breakfast. We will again this year be at the Irvington Garden Clubs Farmers Market in Ellenberger Park . Last summer we saw several old friends there and made many new ones hope to see you all soon.

Soon we will be having a Garage Sale in connections with the Wild Cat Run Community Garage Sale May 20th and 21st. If all goes well I will have a table of Vintage Collectables and lots of Craft materials from projects I lost interest in. Otila is cleaning out some more sewing boxes and I have closets to clean. I am looking forward to clean storage space so I can collect more.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ground Hog Day

Guess 2010 is gone and here it is Ground Hog Day. Well my first resolution has gone astray I told myself I would write often on here this year.
The spring season for Craft shows is fast approaching. We do our first one at the Little Green Bean Boutique, then the Spring Chica Boutiqua Zionsville Town Hall April 16

We have been using our down time rethinking what the shop Otila Rae Originals should be selling. I think we have a few thoughts that will be winners this summer. Our first test will be Friday and Saturday when we do the Art show at the Little Green Bean Boutique. We will have pants with ruffles for the little girls. Some really nice sun dresses with bloomers for the infants. We have made some terrific card cases just the size to carry business cards or your ID and a credit card, how about giving one as a gift with a gift card included. Last summer everyone was asking for some plastic bag holders so we now have some very nice terry cloth ones. Of course we will have the ever popular Potato Bags, the all-cotton bags that go in the Microwave for Potatoes and Corn. We have worked on making Aprons for everyone in the family the Christmas print was real popular last fall. Now we have new prints of cupcakes and hearts and a garden theme for the 5 to 8 year olds and their American Girl Dolls. A New one for the ladies that I think came out real well it is made of black twill with a lining and trim of cherries. Of course our best seller on Etsy has been the little girl’s pantaloons they come in both ecru and white with lace trim so we will have them with us at the shows this summer also. Still working on something for little boys we made casual pants for them last summer but they did not sell very well I liked them but then I do not have a little boy. Come by the Arts Markets or visit us on Etsy that’s at to see where we will be check
and go to the calendar or e-mail us at

We also have a new member of our family a little white puppy named Snow. She is a fun little thing she thinks her feet do not fit on the floor and she should be carried all the time. Good thing she is tiny. She has not liked the cold and the snow so she like the rest of us is ready for tulips and daffodils.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 Going Too Fast

I think it was only yesterday that Halloween 2009 was here and now we are in less than a week expecting the little ghost and goblins again expecting candy.

It has been a busy time for us. Otila and I did three Farmers Markets each month with the Otila Rae Originals dresses and aprons for the young and young at heart. We did quite well with Potato Bakers for your microwave, Neck Cooling scares and aprons. We added to our inventory of children’s clothing and are doing well in the smaller line of bright outfits for the infant and toddler. We are adding fun pants with a ruffle at the bottom that people like really well. Our Shop on is doing a great business selling pantaloons. Yes pantaloons for little girls. Who knew?
We now move inside to do a show in Zionsville on the 30th
Zionsville Presbyterian Church
Time:Saturday, 30 October 2010 10:00 am to 3 pm

Then we have a break until we do the Greenwood High School Holiday Bazaar which is the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
We will have a double booth one for Children’s Clothing and the other for Hats , Scarves and there you will find our kitchen products.
Jennifer will also have a booth there featuring Tastefully Simple Products.

In Sept I went to Walt Disney World to Celebrate! Jennifer and Brian with Vanessa and Brian’s mother and her friend all celebrated for a week at the Best Playground in the World. Nessa was treated like a Princess all week and we were her honored guest. I’m sure it’s a trip to remember for all of us.

We have a new addition to the Family a little Maltese Puppy. She weights 2 lbs 10 oz and she is 12 weeks old. She is just a little ball
of white fluff. Her name is Snow White.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring has Arrived

Faster than a Speeding Baby Buggy Spring has Arrived.

Been awhile since I wrote anything here, I found face book so I neglected this site

But spring has arrived and as I sit here in my window I can watch the world wake up.
Just a few days ago I had a pretty drab landscape then the daffodils woke up and things around them started turning green. The little finches that come to my bird feeder have turned from drab to bright yellow and the cardinals have become territorial so only have the one pair now rather than the 8 pair I had all winter.

I think this year’s new gardening will be done in a straw bale. That sounded interesting to me so I bought a bale of straw and am getting it ready to plant. First you have to condition the bale with some nitrogen. I choose blood meal to do this and watered it in real good this morning. Now I must wait about two weeks before I can add some dirt pockets and seeds or plants. I’ll let you know how it does and try to take some pictures and post. The rabbits have already started visiting my garden site but they do not care for cabbages and onions and that is all I have out now. Something played games with some bulbs I planted they dug them up and tossed them around for three nights I put moth balls out and they just moved them over. The next morning the bulbs were thrown out and the moth balls were in a pile over to the side.

I have started keeping Vanessa during the week; she is such an interesting little thing. I am sure she is going to keep me busy this summer. She has been acting as a model for Otila’s clothing line. She takes her modeling job quite serious. Lately she has decided the action shots are good and she loves the back view. Then I don’t tell her to look happy she can frown or laugh and I don’t say a thing.

We will start doing the markets soon Otila has lots of new offerings this year. I have a few things in the works but am not getting very much finished. The Etsy site is picking up this week seems to be little girls pantaloons are the hot seller, have shipped several pair.